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Current Exhibition


Jesse Willems


Past exhibitions


Sketch for a summer

Jesse Willems

Deeply Rooted

Tine Guns - Lydia Hannah Debeer - Babs Decruyenaere - Alexander Marinus - 

Marie Mees - Svelte Thys - Dirk Zoete



Roses from the country house

Eliza Pepermans & Thomas Renwart


Dinner is served

Eliza Pepermans

Artist in Residence

Jesse Willems

Studioviews LR-1.jpg

Reconstructed Deconstruction

Israëli artists curated by Elie Schönfeld

Alon Bonder - Liat Elbling - Shlomit Goldfinger - Rami Maymom - Daniel Oksenberg

The five artists each work from different disciplines. And although they express it in very different ways, their fascination of a process of deconstruction and reconstruction is their common denominator. Each in their own way, the artists explore the power of composition, the relationship between the depicted and the original, and the tension between abstraction and figuration.

Endangered Species

Jesse Willems

This winter, Jesse Willems will temporarily make the gallery his working studio. 

During this hibernation, the artist can be spotted through the gallery window.

Come and watch Willems live in his habitat, working on new art, 

using scissors, paper and glue. 

25/10 _ 29/11  2020 


Jesse Willems - Babs Decruyenaere

16/02 _ 27/06  2020 

From a to y and back again 

Andreas Johnen

Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

Élodie Huet 

Johan Deschuymer

Koen Wastyn 

moine de la non existence de la pensée

Sylvie Janssens de Bisthoven

Vincent de Roder 

Yvonne De Grazia

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